Born and raised in Philadelphia, Bianca Crespo started her entertainment career in Los Angeles in 2012. She has worked in several aspects of film/TV production, some of which include Special FX for AutonomousFX (The Maze RunnerAmerican Horror Story, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, House, Bones), the archives at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and development for Millennium Films (Rambo, The Expendables, Texas Chainsaw 3D, The Paperboy).

She established her company SANTA MIRA in 2017, where she has been able to create her own original content: short films BRUTE (2018), BANSHEE (2018), MIDNIGHT DONUT (2018), THE CARVING (2018) starring Nick Searcy (Justified, The Shape of Water), and CAROUSEL (2019) starring Alfonso DiLuca (Jane the Virgin, Burn Notice), as well as BRAIN BURROW, a horror/psychology podcast hosted by Mark D. Valenti.


Her debut feature FREAK was picked up for distribution by Bayview Entertainment in 2021 with a worldwide VOD release set for February 2022, followed by a physical release soon after. She is currently working on her first western feature film, with details to follow.