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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Bianca Crespo started her entertainment career in Los Angeles in 2012. She has worked in several aspects of film/TV production, some of which include the archives in the Margaret Herrick Library at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, as well as development and production at Millennium Media.


She established her company SANTA MIRA in 2017, where she has been able to create original productions like BRAIN BURROW, a horror/psychology podcast hosted by Mark D. Valenti, with guests that include William Sadler, Danielle Harris, Naomi Grossman, Lloyd Kaufman, Felissa Rose, and Debbie Rochon. 


Her debut FREAK, filmed while in lockdown in August 2020, is now streaming internationally on Prime Video. After producing Pennsylvania's first immersive horror ballet entitled The Governess, a smash hit during its premiere weekend, with support from NBC and 93.3 WMMR, she will be publishing the companion novella, which will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in late 2024. Her second poetry book Bury Me In Your Rose Garden is now available on Amazon, while her horror anthology debut Cherry Diner (with a foreword by former Fangoria and present Delirium Magazine editor-in-chief Chris Alexander) is set to release in 2024. She is currently in development with her next feature film.


We aim to embrace the freedom of creative expression.

Art is the lifeblood of this world, and nothing can stop it.


Reject conformity.

Honor independence.


To create an artistic community engaged in equal measures of critical thought and cinematic inspiration.

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